Server is nw65sp8

It recently stopped being able to resolve dns names.

When I try to use ping.nlm to any host such as - Welcome to AOL or HP - Laptops, Desktop, Printers, Servers, and more, it resolved to the public address of the pix firewall.

GroupWise GWIA also runs on this machine, and it is likewise unable to properly resolve addresses to send outbound mail (a temporary fix here was to give it the ip address of a relay host, but that's not a desireable solution).

Tried changing nameservers in resolv,cfg, did ws2_32 reloads, recreated resolv.cfg from scratch, recreated hosts from scratch, rebooted server, removed c:servcfg registry files, rebooted; nothing seems to help.

The PIX firewall has been restarted.

Next to this server is a nw65sp4 server with the same resolv.cfg. It has no problem properly resolving dns names to correct ip addresses.

Any thoughts anyone ?