Hi all,

How do you revoke a user's access to Archive/Versioning? Section 10.3.1 of this guide:

Novell Documentation

states that "A user must be a part of the novlxtier group to use the NSS File Version Utility for restoring versions."

I've configured a dummy account for LUM and assigned it to the novlxtier group per the documentation. After verifying that I can access the archived files in my test directory, I remove the dummy account from the novlxtier group, but can still access the archive via the utility. I've removed the user from all groups and restarted the archive service with no luck. Am I missing something? I suspect it has something to do with LUM still enabled on the account. Is there a way to disable LUM on an account after you've enabled it without deleting the entire user account?

Some background:
Implementing Archive/Versioning on an existing cluster. Both nodes are running SLES 10 SP3 with OES 2 SP2.

Thanks in advance.