Not sure if this is a ZCM bug or a Windows 7 bug, but I can't seem to find a thread with a similar experience. I've got 7 Professional (64-bit) logging into a Netware 6.5 SP8 box and managed by ZCM 10.2.2. I created a roaming profile policy telling my 7 test boxes to create its network profile in the edirectory home folder.

All seems well, it creates the folder, logs in nice and quick. The problem comes when it synchronizes changes on logoff. I get the dreaded message about my roaming profile not being fully synchronized.

What seems to happen is odd:
say I have three folders in my profile: A, B, and C. Inside it are subfolders X, Y, and Z. When I log out, it will create folders A, B, and C, then give copy errors on X, Y, and Z saying that the folders don't exist. If I log in and log back out again, X, Y and Z will be copied. Repeat the process for each level down you need to go.

I'm not sure if this problem is in Zen, since in theory all it's doing is telling Windows "put the profile here", but I've got no errors on anything outside of the file copy error and it seems remarkably consistent on its behavior, like it's copying the folder tree in reverse order or something.

Any help would be much appreciated.