My server is running on NW5.1 and BM3.5 with latest patches. The BM3.5
enable HTTP and FTP Proxy only. I have enough disk space and the
memory is
over 1GB. The server is located in my DMZ with a single NIC and IP

The problem is a strange one, FTP works 99% of the time. I am able to
both IE (with the ftp options check off and using port 8080) and FTP clients (using port 21), however there are a few FTP sites which we
unable to connect to through the firewall. If I try to connect to
sites with a FTP client within the DMZ I am able to connect fine, but
I go through the proxy, the process hangs when I down load a file or
a LIST command (port 20 traffic).

I have tried the TIDs for setting up a Stateful FTP Filter, however
seem to be aimed towards a machine with two NICs that is acting as a firewall. When I try the filters, the FTP process does not even reach
Bordermanager process.

Any Ideas?
Bob Brandt
Galileo Sys Admin