I have BorderManager 3.7, with BM37SP2 and BM37FP3 applied. I have
HTTP Proxy set up to use Clntrust and recently I turned on the SSL
sign-on feature so that visiting users that did not have Client32
loaded would be able to get Internet access. I set the delay for 15 seconds.

The problem I am having is that intermittently, some of my users with

Client32 on Windows 98 (I think the 3.30 version) will get the SSL Web

sign-on instead of BorderManager recognizing that Clntrust is loaded.

When I looked at a WS today that was logged in just since this
Clntrust showed 3 successful connection attempts and over 5000
unsuccessful connection attempts!

At that time the user had brought up IE and was sitting at the SSL
sign-in screen. I closed IE and then restarted it. This time it
immediately recognized that Clntrust was loaded and went to the
without prompting for authentication.

What is causing BorderManager to not 'see' the Clntrust on an
intermittent basis?