I am using a sles 10sp2 oes2 server that is running FreeRadius. I have use
ntradping and radius allows authentication to occur. I have an HP contoller
that points the connections to the AP to the radius server. I cannot get
the novell client to authenticate and connect wireless users. I have tried
both from start up and also from the windows xp desktop. The only way I can
get it to work is to have the Intel wireless app (that comes on the laptop
from Dell) and set it to require credientials at each start up.

My last attempt to get the novell client to connect was to use the
documentation for sp5 of the client (Managing Login - Configuring 802.1x
Authorization). The results were the same as it was prior to applying the
MS patches that are prequesistes-stated in sp5 doc, that is windows looks
for a certificate and since my setup is using ssl on ldap that comes from
Radius, I didn't want to deal with certificates.

I am forever going to have to have users log on to the desktop and then
connect to the wlan?

Since this is a academic setting I have many users using each device and
need to be able to have a generic desktop but with only each user having
access to only their needed resources.

Everytime I let MS handle the wireless and go into the properties of the
wireless profile and change the config to not need a certificate (uncheck
require valid certificate server and change from smart card to peap,etc) as
soon as I start a connection, windows changes the profile to require a valid

Suggestions - other than attacking the register on xp - hack,hack,hack