I want to raise the failover dhcp server on two machines with OES, the settings are stored in LDAP.
During the launch of the service falls out of the error:
Mar 11 14:02:11 dhcp1 dhcpd: Could not decide if the server type is primary or secondary for failover peering.
Mar 11 14:02:11 dhcp1 dhcpd: LDAP line 17: failover peer failover_134: not found
Mar 11 14:02:11 dhcp1 dhcpd: failover peer "failover_134"

As I understand it, the description of the network indicated that there is a failover to the name "failover_134", but here's the description of the failover dhcp server does not see the tree. Suppose that the problem of rights, checked - everything is available.

If you upload a config file and put a server dhcp - works:)
Where mistake?