Hi all,
Hope this is the correct forum for my question. (Tried Install-Setup-Admin-forum, but had no reply.)
Noticed something weird after upgrade backend from GW7.0.3 to GW8.0.1.
We have set a maximum quota for the users mailboxes to 300 Mb, prior to upgrade. It is not locked on DOM or PO, but it is the default size that every user get, and we change it per user when/if a user need a larger mailbox. Now, after the upgrade, both Console One and GWCheck reports that all users have 300 Mb, even though many users have been granted larger quota via C1 > GW Utilities > Client Options > Send > Disc Space Mgmt, when running GW7.0.3. Funny thing is that when the user check in his own mailbox, logged in as himself, the Mailbox says 600 Mb, if he have been granted that size. But C1 and GWCheck still says 300 Mb for that user. Question is, how can I have C1 to show the real Mailbox size? Any tip appreciated.