An interesting one -

I have two BM proxies (BM36 in prod and BM37 in dev)that forward to a

third-party proxy and I'm having trouble with the BM proxies
Realplayer. The third-party proxy does allow realaudio through,
a W/S that uses it can use realplayer. Having enabled the realaudio proxy on the BM servers and setting the realplyer client up to use it,

I've found that the BM attempts to connect directly to the origin
server, not using the proxy chain, which is a problem because the 3rd

party proxy is not transparent.

Forcing realplayer to use HTTP for all traffic, we get also get
back to the client. Traffic appears to go to 8080 on the BM server,
BM server appears to forward the packets to the next proxy in the
but the client gets nothing back. This is with WINNT, but it appears

that with WINXP, forcing realpayer over HTTP works.

Anyone got any ideas before I call up our ISP and start asking them to

go through their proxy logs?

Coran Stow
Beyond Computing Technlogies
Canberra, Australia.