I recently went to NW6.5 SP8 on our main file/print server, as I migrated
another server to NW6.5 SP8 and wanted to ensure a consistent platform.
It was long overdue anyway.

Having followed http://wiki.novell.com/index.php/Nw65sp8 I installed the
recommended post-SP8 patches. One of the post SP8 patches was N65NSS8b (I
use CIFS)

The server was abending initially after sp8, so I downloaded the latest HP
support pack, applied that and rebooted, and all seemed OK. No abends.

But, that night, the backup that normally completes well within its 7 hour
window, had run on well into the next working day, and had to be cancelled
as it was nowhere near finished.
I modified the jobs a little, changing the settings for retrying open files,
and removing SYS from the backup job. Next day, same problem.
AS logs show no real errors at all, it is just simply extremely slow. I
double checked the BTRIEVE settings and they are OK as per CA
recommendations. Its AS 11.1 SP3 by the way.

Any Arcserve users out there had the same issues? I've not had a good backup
for a few days, I really need a fix!