A couple of days ago, some cable folks were in my computer room and disconnected my OES2 print server from the network. Once we got it identified and reconnected, all was good. We even rebooted the print server so that all services and daemons could load normally. Times were good, print happened.
Now, we are on the middle of a migration from NW 65 sp8 to OES2 sp1 Linux running on VMware.. The folks who are handling the printer migrations are reporting that in iManager, they can not see and printers listed to perform redirections upon. The two print daemons (IDSD and IPSMD) are running, but when I go to manage the manager I don't see the tab/screen that lets me manage the manager, or see that it's even running. Some of the TIDs I've seen point to corruption of the database and to fall back to a previous version.
Unless, of course there's a better idea here. And I'd love to hear it.

When the College breaks for the semester, I'll get the beasts upgraded to sp2 or sp3.