GroupWise Mobile Server (GMS) Replacement.

Eg: Active Sync and much more.

"The shipping mobility pack will be provided free of charge to all Novell
GroupWise, Novell Teaming, Novell Open Workgroup Suite and Novell Open
Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition customers with current maintenance

</Read in the style of MS Windows 7 Adverts>
I am NOWS SBE User
And we have not been forgotten about:) for one...

Its only a "Technology Preview" at present and does raise the issue with
NOWS SBE that even if you are using the 64bit version you will still need a
SLES 11 server to run it.

It warms you not to put this into production. But I guess I know what I will
be doing over this weekend. iPhone sync here we come :)