One of my Admins was doing a restore of a post office, lets say post office A. And he accindently restored the contents of post office A to Post office B directory, and I think half way, he released he had done a mistake. So
users on post office B could open the client, but empty mailboxes. I too decided to restore the post office B from a backup, but not all the post office structure only Ofuser, Ofmsg and the post office root files (600Gg). Now users on post office B got their e-mails, though some was lost. The only issue they have now is when they do a Find or search, they cannot get the correct results, you can see mail there but find does not get it. What other information or files could have gone wrong ? I was planning to create a new post office and move users from post office B to this new clean post office, will it solve this problem ?