I've post a question something like this earlier on other forums, but still can't get a solution!
So let's try it again.

I want to make bundles that has an install action for mapping a drive letter.
This could be seperate bundles or actions with seperate driveletters for different groups of members in edirectory.
I want to run this bundles on force run in an existing bundle that has assigments to a group everyone.

At the moment i have 1 bundle named "force run" assigned to everyone, with actions that are effective for everyone.
But how can i put there in more bundles or actions but with different group membership assigments.

So let's make an example.

Bundle (force run). (assigned to group "everyone")

action1. Run internet explorer (assigned to group "everyone")
action2. map drive letter r: (assigned to group "memberofdrive_r"
action3. map drive letter s: (assigned to group "memberofdrive_s"
action4. map drive letter t: (assigned to group "memberofdrive_t"

Run the actions in these specific order!

I don't have system requirements that let me choose "group memberships".

I could give another example to make this very clear:
here we are:

I want to enable the usb write protect for everyone except users that are member of "write usb drive"

So in my opinion it looks like this:

Bundle "control_usb_drive_security"
action 1 . Write registry value to enable write protection. (assigned to group everyone)
action 2. Write registry value to disable write protection. (assigned to group "write usb drive")

Important is the order (ofcourse)

I hope this is possible.