I've created a Printer policy for an HP Printer (plotter). This is an sles iprint printer.
This policy is working, and the printer is installed at login.

But and now it's coming:
- When i select "Remove all printers not specified by ZENworks policies".
and i refresh the machine were the policy is assigned to the logged in user.
The printer will be removed. Do i misunderstood this feature?
Because when i select this option for another printer that is not an iprint but an smb Windows printer, it's not deleted.

Other weird thing is:
- Policy is applied > printer is installed.
But if the user delete his printer (that was previously installed by the policy). The printer is not coming back after a refresh.... only incrementing the version of that policy is working .

I hope someone can explain this.

Server: SLES 10 SP 2 -ZCM 10.2.2 + latest ftf's.
Client: WXP SP3 Iprint version . 5.30