yesterday I started a second try for ZESM (Evaluation, Standalone from ZESM_4-1-216_4-1-269.iso in German) and installed it into a VM (Windows 2003 Server Standard, SQL 2005). Installation went fine without any errors, but after launching the console I could not even create a new policy, just got an message like 'internal error'. Later I ran the installation in English and I was able to create and modify policies, so I could start testing. Anyone else who had issiues with localized versions, especially german ?
Today I ran into another problem with encryption on USB-Sticks (Stick encrypted, user-defined password enabled, certain folder ist created as defined in policy). Creating a new Text-File prompts for Password and everything seems fine, but unfortunately it is impossible to decrypt this file with STDecrypt.exe. No error, just copied to the selected location, showing up rubbish, not even asking for user-defined password.
Any ideas ?

Thank you in advance