I have a new dl380g6(P410i controller with 512mb and battery) here with 8
72Gb disks but I'd like some input on how to set this one up for a pure
This will be our first dedicated SLES fileserver that will use NSS, we have
more application servers with SLES but none are using NSS.
Initially I was thinking of making it 2 raid 1 disks and raid 5 or 10 for
the other 6 but then I found out this server supports raid 50 as well.
When putting all 8 disks in raid 50 it gives me a 400gb disk
When putting 2 disks in raid 1 and 6 in 50 it gives me 68gb and 273gb
When putting 2 disks in raid 1 and 6 in 5 it gives me 68gb and 341gb

Now it all just boils down to the performance and reliability that this
thing will give, the raid 50 with 8 disks will perform better then the raid
1 + 50 setup, and both will probably perform better then the raid 1 + 5.
The available size also makes the 8 disk in raid 50 setup look a lot nicer,
which means the question now is, how will OES run with NSS on a single disk
I seem to recall having NSS on the same physical disk as the OS might be

Is it just the initial setup that will be more difficult or also during
production time ?

The amount of data that will initially go onto this server will be 100Gb (of
mostly small word files) or if we decide to consolidate another server onto
this one it will be 200Gb (also mostly small word files)
If we want to consolidate, the raid 1 + 50 will leave very little breathing
space as there are no free disk slots.

If anyone can shed some light on what would be the 'best practice' for this
kind of setup, that would be appreciated.