Trying to implement SSO and SSL authentications in our organization.
If a user is configured with SSO, no problems, but the SSO needs
Novell Clients, and the majority of ours doesn't have it installed. As
for SSL clients, they have no trouble with browsing etc. The problem
is with download managers. I tried Getright and Reget. They may be
configured with a proxy, including user and password, but their way of
authentication seems to apply to other kinds of proxies than BM. If a
user is not yet registered at the proxy, the download stops showing
smth like "https://<proxy-addr>/BM-login... Well, if a download is
started by clicking on an URL in the browser, there is no problem, no
auth is needed, because the browser has already done it. But what can
one do to schedule a download after midnight? Or what to do if a
download stops because of communication problems and the PC needs to
be authenticated at the proxy once more in order to resume the

Are there download managers understanding the mode of BM proxy
authentication? If no or if they are not convenient, then the only
solution that comes to my mind is an application having parameters
user & password, working in background and periodically (e.g. every
<n> minutes, where <n> is likely to be less than "minimum time
requiring a new login" BM parm) goes to the proxy and authenticates
the user, if necessary. But to develop such an app, we need more info
than in the help and the installation guide. Maybe there are already
some existing tools to resolve the problem?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.