I have started migrating my GroupWise from NetWare to OES. I have migrated a small post office to a server with no problems. I have created a new domain and webaccess on another OES server. My problem came when trying to migrate my primary domain from NetWare to OES. I used the migration utility from the same NetWare server and to the same OES server the small post office I migrated earlier. The migration utility ran without errors. I manually changed the IP's in the Domain and Link configuration, and also I have a startup MTP in our main post office to the primary domain which I changed (I needed this when running on the NetWare Cluster). I ran a database recover DB before and after the migration. All links were green but no traffic from post office to migrated domain or gwia domain to primary domain, queues were filling up. I was running out of time so had to revert back to the NetWare server. I changed the IP's in the Domain object and Links, and MTP on PO, ran DB recover again. Now it wouldn't work on the NetWare server. Luckily I ran a DBCOPY to another source before migrating. I copied over top the domain directory and that saved me.

Any ideas???
I'm running OES with NSS and long name support because I didn't want to deal with administration compatibility issues. I didn't have any problems using my workstation ConsoleOne for the small post office and new webaccess domain. But should I have been using ConsoleOne on the OES server?
On the NetWare server I had in the startup files "Remote Connections" user and password. These are NLM settings and error out when using them on OES. Do I still need a "Remote Connections" user for OES?
If I'm using long name space on the NSS volume do I have to worry about case sensitivity? I'll just copy the files over manually.

The default agent file and log locations are in /opt and /var. I would prefer to have these on my NSS volume. Is this good practice for OES?