Some users have started syncing smartphones with groupwise using a 3rd party service (NotifyLink). The service simply uses IMAP to check the mailbox.

These users immediately reported 'Too many connections' error when trying to login to their desktop Novell Client. We normally set 'Limit concurrent connections' to 4.

Raised it to 10. Got the message again a couple days later.

Raised it to 20. Got the message again.

Raised it to 30. etc. finally just turned off 'limit concurrent connections' for those users.

Obviously the excessive IMAP connections to the Groupwise server are persisting somehow. But how to track it down?

IMAP Sessions shows 0 usually
C/S Users is normal, as is Remote
Nothing out of the ordinary.
iManager doesn't show anything as far as server connections.
IMAP client requests shows 16000 which is for 6-7 users in 10 hours...

We're running GW8.0.1 HP1 on SLES10sp3