We are migrating ZPM 6.4 to ZCM 10.2 on SLES, and have two
workstations running the ZCM 10.2 Adaptive Agent.

The status page for ZPM in the ZCM console says every thing
is running fine, no errors or failures, and that there are
1555 active patches and 49 new patches. However, when I go
to the patches tab, either from the Patch Management screen
or from a workstation screen, no patches are visible. If I
look at bundles, there are 52 under ZPM, most of which are
for OSes we don't have, and/or DAU.

I ran Windows Update against one of the workstations, and it
came up needing 11 High Priority patches. I checked the KB
numbers, and only one was a bundle under ZPM, and it does not
show as a patch.

Where do I go from here?