Don't expect an answer form Novell at the weekend - but I could really do
with doing an install today!

How does groupwise licensing work?

Since we are going from Netware Small Business to Windows - wanted to keep
(tried the awful NOWS SBE 2.5 eval - things don't work out of the box so
after 3 attempts gave up besides don't like the rumbling in the forums)

So I ordered a 25 user Groupwise

Got the email yesterday - but only just looked at it properly this morning.
Don't expect anyone will be answering emails at the weekend

I have a link which takes me to gw800_full_nlmwin_multi.exe etc. 8.0???
should that not be 8.01?

I can live with that for now as I really want to move on

In the list of media theres no licensing file.
Customer centre does not mention anything to do with licensing !!
or is the Licensing built-into the eDir part??