A few weeks ago I had a situation that required that I needed to delete and rebuild my GroupWise indexes. It has taken nearly 2 weeks but my indexes have finally gone through all of my post offices. While the indexes were updating I have noticed that I have several (manager) mailboxes which are grossly oversize and that the indexes are failing to write back and become usable.

I've been investigating error codes as they have been appearing and have resolved several of the issues by running gwcheck/fix database to fix most of the issues, but on one mailbox in particular, the head of finance, I'm still getting a fail to write the indexes.

On completion, I am getting the following errors on the POA:
D0E The database facility reported error [8209] on userah1.db
D0E Error updating QuickFinder indexes: [8209]

I'm currently running QF in a continuous mode with qlevel 999 until these indexes are fully repaired (it doesn't slow down our system too noticeably). The user in question does happen to have the largest mailbox in the company at 14GB, but I've started archiving and have brought it down to 12GB so far, but the user also has about 110,000 messages. (They haven't deleted anything since 2001)

I can't figure out why I keep getting the 8209 on this mailbox since I never had any trouble with it before having to rebuild the indexes. Most of the support pages point to 8209 errors on the POA or client starting, not much mention of it appearing from a indexing process, so I'm looking for any information to help fix this mailbox. Thanks!