I have several sites, each with a BorderManager server that is an ICP
of a "main" BorderManager server at the central ofice location. We
finally gotten permission to block the AOL "fat client" and make
use www.aol.com to check their mail while we transition them to
However, I've run into an issue on several versions of IE, 5.0, 5.5
and 6.0.
When they go to the main page, and enter their logon name and
password, the
site accepts it, but never loads the next page, i.e. the green
progress bar
goes to 100% and stays there. The first few calls like this I got, Iupgraded the browser encryption to 128 bit and that fixed everything
for a
while - but now it's broke again.

Oh, and before we start blaming the other end :-) I have testing thiswithout using one of the BorderManager proxies (i.e. static NAT) and
have no
problems whatsoever.

Anyone else run into, and successfully solved, anything like this?