Disconnected imaging works fine: I can boot a non-networked workstation from a ZCM 10.2.2 CD created with the bootcd.iso file and image the workstation from a locally-connected USB drive.

However, if there exists a Hardware Rule that includes the now-imaged workstation, it will kick in as soon as I connect the workstation to the network and PXE boot it. Thus, another unneeded and unwanted imaging process is run. I need to turn this "feature" off.

I've noticed that after performing a disconnected image, the information in the Image-Safe Data area of the workstation's drive differs greatly from that on a workstation imaged via a PXE boot, many of the fields being at their default values. So my guess is that there is a field or fields in the Image-Safe Data area that prevents the machine from being re-imaged. I also know how to update these fields using the zisedit utility. I'm just not sure which field or fields need to be tweaked.

Any ideas?