I have ZCM 10.2 (linux) installed on over half the computers in our building. We have had plenty of bumps along the way, but this one really "bugs" me.

When I logged in to my XP computer today, everything seemed to work ok (DLU worked, ZCM logged in automatically, icons all launched) , but my profile appeared in Documents and Settings as <username>.<ComputerName> (instead of just <username>) and all of my old profile settings are GONE. The folder called <username> is still there, but Desktop, and EVERYTHING in it, has vanished. All profile data like FireFox bookmarks are gone. This is the second time this has happened to me and it is very frustrating.

I have the faculty DLU set to User scource credentials and it is not volatile. I also have the "Manage existing user acount" box checked.

I can live with this happening to me, but I can see some users being very upset over this.

Any ideas on what is happening?