I've opened SR 10601155481 for this, but have recieved minimal feedback from Novell so far (if it was a heartbeat the SR would be dead by now) and will have to escalate it through my district manager and I thought to check the forum to see if anyone else has seen this...

Basically after deploy the Zen 10 client to a Windows XP SP2 client the users will randomly be missing the shutdown options after choose Start -> Shutdown. When you go to shutdown you see "Shutdown" "Restart" and "Standbye", when this issue kicks in you just see an empty list box. Also the Shutdown button on alt+control+delete is greyed out. The issue is random and became more apparent as we deployed more testers who started logging tickets stating this problem happens once or twice a week.

It almost sounds like an issue with the policy (which was migrated from Zen 7) however I've tried tweaking the policy settings on the local box and could not duplicate or alter the issue as it is (when disabling the options in the policy it removes the Shutdown button completely instead of just leaving it behind without options inside).

I've tried everything Novell suggested so far except contacting Microsoft which I have not done because we do not have support with them and the issue only begins after installing the ZCM client (ie. the Zen 7 clients work fine).

Anyone else experience this?