We had 2 OES servers and 1 NetWare server that all held replicas of all eDir partitions.
We removed the NetWare server and replaced it with an OES server.
So now we had 3 eDir servers with replicas of all partitions.
Since then people using our NetWare cluster can't map to Volumes with AFP.

I setup a new test tree with a copy of what we have in production and duplicated this issue.
Basically - I found that as soon as I down the NetWare box (in test or as is in production - we no longer have the server in place) people can no longer use AFP.
We don't have anything AFP related installed on the OES boxes - I can't determine if this is needed for a case like ours.

I've looked through the forums/support site but can't find anything that helps in resolving this. I am guessing it is NMAS/auth related. Long (well not so long) term we will move the NetWare cluster to OES but that is still being tested.

Any ideas?

Mike Currin