The BM FTP proxy is known to support REST and RETR ftp commands. But
we cannot make it complete or continue getting a file from the end of
a partially downloaded piece. It seems to restart downloads from the
very beginning in any case. For example, a file is downloaded 10000
bytes of 20000: ... Restarting from 10000... ...20000 bytes
received... The resulting file is 30000 bytes long.

We are using BM36sp2a, but I tried proxy.nlm fom bm37fp3, - no good.
Added all FTPs to non-cacheable patterns, but still got nothing. Well,
I expect suggestions to use ftp via NAT or to use http based downloads
from ftp sites, but we need restricted authenticated access to the
proxy in question, and our users put files to external ftp sites
sometimes. Ftp proxy permits it.

Any ideas? Thanks.