I'm migrating from NW65sp8 to SLES OES2 server in the same tree. This is our main file server. I've run the migration wizard, and it processes all the files for rights, quotas, trustees....but extremely slow. It took about 68 hours to process the files (about 500GB). There are 3 volumes, 100, 200, and 300GB each. The first two didn't take much time, the 3rd one did. It has about 479000 files. It'll process roughly 1 file per second, give or take. The data migration happened overnight. That was weekend before last that it started, files migrated monday nite. I then sync'd the migration this weekend, and it didn't get done proccessing files until monday morning, and by then it's too late to migrate the changes due to production.

Is there something I'm missing?