I'm running into a problem with my proxies and the web server.

I have an Internet gateway with NW5.1SP5 and NBM3.7SP1 running. I have
NAT running on that server and I am trying to route all Internet traffic
for a revolving staff of about 100 (50 on any given day) through this
Internet gateway server.

1. I would like to use the proxies so I can track where my staff is =surfing to.
2. I would like to get the transparent proxy so we aren't constantly
re-configuring their laptops for when they are on the road and when
they are not.
3. I would like to have the web server running on the gateway so I can
using the management console and portal to manage the network when I
am at home or on the road myself.

But I am running into a problem. I can have the web server running or
the transparent proxy running but not both because as soon as I do, I get
a "Bind error 48" because they are both trying to use port 80.

Can anyone out there give me a hand on how to get all these things to
play nice together?

Thanks in advance.


Delon E. Weuve
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Auditor of State
State of Iowa

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