Just SP'd a NWSBS5.0 server with nw50sp6a, nici157, bm35sp3, pxy031
and nat600d, sbs5pt2a.

Now approximately 2 minutes after loading BM (brdsrv) server will

6-17-2003 10:46:29 am: server-5.0-4631 nmid-1001c
warning server abc1 experienced a critical error.......

Several minutes later it gets a:
6/17-2003 12:58:39 server-5.0-834 nmID-2000d
free detected corrupt preceding redzone for node 0xd0b82b60

The node address varies.

In troubleshooting I have up-reved the NIC drivers , HAM drivers and
motherboard BIOS. Backed out pxy031 and nat600d, re-installed
bm35sp3 - didn't help

abend.log shows no entries today in spite of nearly a dozen attempts.
Did log one last night after the bm35sp3 install - Reported a Page Fault
Processor Exception (Error Code 00000000)

Any thoughts?