I am looking for a command that can delete all file system trustees on an OES2 Linux volume.

I am using rsync to replicate 2TB of Data on various volumes to a backup server each night. This is working great (about an hour of synch time each night). The challenge is that now I have to restore filesystem trustees on the destination volume since rsync does not copy them.

In a nutshell I am doing this:

1. use metamig to backup trustees on source
2. rsync data and metamig trustee file
3. restore trustees on destination server with metamig.

The problem is that metamig is cumulative, it will add trustees on the destination but it will not remove trustees for access that has been revoked on the source, so I need a step between 2 and 3 where I first delete all trustees before I run the metamig import.

The old Netware trustbar had a switch to delete trustees, I cannot find anything similar for OES Linux.

Anybody have any ideas?