I have 2 bm3.7 servers running surfcontrol that are getting short term

memory alloc failures when I load cpfilter. The cpfilter log shows noproblem. These servers are upstream proxies that are behind a masterBordermanager server. Every night the master server runs csp_list andthen we use ZFS to distribute the filter updates. We run cron jopbs to

unload and load cpfilter on these remote servers. my only thought is
that the error is caused by having proxy and aclcheck loaded before we

load cpfilter.

Has anyone had a similar experiences?

6-19-2003 5:47:39 am: SERVER-5.0-0 [nmID=6001D]
Cache memory allocator out of available memory.

6-19-2003 5:47:39 am: SERVER-5.0-0 [nmID=2000A]
Short term memory allocator is out of memory.
4 attempts to get more memory failed.
request size in bytes 419430400 from Module CPFILTER.NLM

Server Memory Statistics
Allocated memory pool, in bytes: 568,807,424 35%
Cache buffer memory, in bytes: 767,668,224 48%
Cache movable memory, in bytes: 0 0%
Cache non-movable memory, in bytes: 1,904,640 0%
Code and data memory, in bytes: 268,763,136 17%
Total server work memory, in bytes: 1,610,218,496 100%

Rob Aronson, President
Perfect Networks, Inc
Hollywod, CA USA