I am trying to set up iPrint for Win7 clients in a NW6.5 environment. In iManager, I do not see the options for Create Driver Store or Manage Driver Store (see attached graphic).

I have downloaded and installed:

  1. iManager 2.7.3 Field Patch (FTF) 2
  2. iPrint Administration Plug-in for iManager 2.7.3 (following TID 3424524 to manually re-install the iPrint iManager Plugin)
  3. iPrint Win7 - NW65SP8b-2 (iPrint Windows 7 support - NetWare 65 Support Pack 8b)
  4. iPrint Client for Windows XP/Vista/Win7 5.32

I have followed TID 7002284 (Option 1 only so far), which says:
Option 1 - Add one menu item at a time.

Login to iManager 2.7 | Configure (person at desk icon) | Role Base Services | RBS Configuration | check your collection and Edit | Check the iPrint plugin and Edit

Here you should see four property books (red book icons) and seven tasks listed by default. If you dont see them listed here, the item will not appear under iPrint. You can add them at this point. Here is a list of what you should see:

Property Books

iPrint Client Management
Manage Driver Store
Manage Printer
Manage Print Manager

There are also 7 tasks in the list as well:

Create Driver Store
Create Printer
Create Print Manager
Delete Printer Object
Print Banner Configuration
Printer Driver Profile
Printer Pool Configuration
I do not see all of these items listed; I also see additional items listed:
Name Modules Installed Out-Of-Date Not-InstalledRole Based Service.XXX.XXXXX 52 21 7 24

Name Module Initial Version Expired Version
iPrint iPrint Plugin 2.2.0

Type Name Initial Version Expired Version
task Create Broker 2.2.0
task Create Printer 2.2.0
task Create Print Manager 2.2.0
task Delete Print Object 2.2.0
task Enable Auditing 2.2.0
task Enable iPrint Access 2.2.0

book iPrint Client Management
book Manage Broker 2.2.0
book Manage Printer 2.2.0
book Manage Print Manager 2.2.0
task Migrate QMS to iPrint 2.2.0
task Printer Banner Configuration 2.2.0
task Printer Driver Profile 2.2.0
task Printer Pool Configuration 2.2.0
book RPM Configuration 2.2.0
Option 2 of the TID says to "Remove and reconfigure the collection." Before I attempt to tackle this, I'd like to know if there's a way I can just shoehorn the missing Driver Store items into the menu. I'm admittedly a little apprehensive about "Removing and reconfiguring" the entire RBS collection...