Dear All,

I'm hoping someone can help with this issue.

We are running Iprint on OES2 SP1 (novell-iprint-server-6.120091224-0.2)

We were running version 9.2 of papercut. I've upgraded to version 9.8 last night in a hope to solve our issues.

The last 2 days around 3:30pm the iprint server would just stop. All printer's come up as unavailable and I can't access the PSMStatus page. We would have to restart the whole server 4 times to get it going again.

Stopping iprint/killing the iprint manager process never works. I noticed that there were a couple of zombie processes in there when I run top.

We've had a very unpleasant experience with iprint on oes2 sp1 the last 18 months. Many iprint FTF upgrades from Novell etc. We've had it running fairly stable until we upgraded to the 24/12/2009 build to allow us to work with Windows 7. This seemed to be better for the first few days (faster printing/more responsive). But the last couple of days, it has been really unreliable late in the afternoon with several restarts the only obvious option.

Has anyone got any ideas, or more patches to try. Again I'm hoping version 9.8 of papercut helps.

Thanks in Advance