I had tried upgrading from GW 7 (7.0.3 HP4) to GW 8 (8.0.1 HP1) and the upgrade completed but address book was not displaying. I descided to uinstall GroupWise, run cleanit 3.5 (defaults), reboot and then re-install GW 8.

Well now I have a GroupWise install in my add and remove programs screen that will not go away not matter how many times I tell it to uinstall. I have tried running a new GW 8 install (ran cleant it and rebooted) but it just says Repair or Remove. I checked and there is no Novell GroupWise folder.

Anybody else experience similar problems? I hat to tell them to re-image the computer.

Computer is a Dell Desktop running Windows XP w/SP3 and IE7.