Everytime a specific server of mine (SLES10SP2 / OES2SP1 / now ZCM 10.3) updates, the casa_atsd service fails to start because it links to the wrong server.xml file.

the ln file /srv/www/casaats/conf/server.xml always points to /srv/www/casaats/conf/server-pkcs12-sun.xml after the update.

looking at my other servers, it is supposed to be /srv/www/casaats/conf/server-sun.xml. As soon as I delete the symoblic link and create a new symbolic link with the latter target, casa_atsd no longer fails to load.

Anyone have any idea why this would continue to happen? It is the only one out of 7 servers and I am at a loss. I would like to fix the problem instead of work around it every 3 months.