Got a few questions about updating 10.2.2 to 10.3 that are not answered by the docs, in fact they were raised by them. Maybe someone has a better understanding of the matter than me:

1. states: "IMPORTANT:Before applying version 10.3, it is recommended to remove the earlier updates for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management from ZENworks Control Center." Which earlier updates are meant? Should we revert from 10.2.2 to 10.2.0 before upgrading to 10.3? Or just delete the packages in ZCC so they cannot be deployed to managed devices anymore?

2. says: "The server must resolve device hostnames by using properly configured DNS, otherwise some features in ZENworks will not work properly." I read this as "managed device names must be registered in DNS and be resolvable". Well, we currently only register servers and services in DNS, not end devices :-(
Unfortunately I cannot find any detailed information about which features will not work properly, let alone what "properly" is meant to be. Is it only cosmetic or does it affect base funktionality? Are there workarounds or not?

Any comment welcome, thanks,