I have scoured the TIDs and this forum for an answer, but my problem appears to be somewhat unique . . .

I just updated our system from GW7 to GW801HP1. I put the new client software in the SDD and told the system to force an auto-update check by the clients. The setup.cfg file is configured correctly.

The users do receive the message to update GroupWise. However, some are receiving the message that allows them to update, yes/no, while others are receiving the message saying, "There is new GroupWise software available, however, you cannot currently access the new software to update."

There is essentially no difference between the users. They all have the same file system rights to the SDD (RF). I have full file system rights, yet even I receive the "cannot currently access" message. Everyone is using WinXP SP3 and the Novell Client 4.91 SP5 (with varying patch levels). I tried a Win2K machine with the same NW Client ver, and I get the "cannot currently access" message there too.

Although I have not verified this, I think the problem could be workstation related rather than user related. On one problem machine, I did Start, Run and entered the UNC path of the SDD, just to make sure Windows can resolve it, and it did.

I am at a total loss here. The only "hunch" I have is that our SDD UNC path has spaces in it, and I am wondering if that might be a problem somehow? However, I would think the problem would be consistent.


Rick P
Walla Walla Public Schools