I've got an OES2 SP1 server

The little green zmd icon thingy shows green. I'm using SMT, by the way.

However, if I attempt to follow TID #7004963, it says I should do a:

rug ref

which I do

It then says to do a rug up -t patch

which I do

It gives me an:
The following updates are required:

Resolving Dependencies . . .

ERROR: no actions to perform

I then do a:
rug (although this is missing in the TID) lu -t patch sles10-sp2-updates oes2-sp1-updates

Instead of just returning 3 things that are "optional" I get a huge list of things recommended, a few optional and a security

For example, it doesn't show I have edir 885 FTF1, FTF2, etc. installed.

So which is correct?


Or the green ZMD icon that tells me everything IS installed? (except the optional stuff)?

I know for a fact I used rug/ZMD (the icon thingy) to patch/apply edir 885 and whatnot.

But it lists a bunch more stuff.

So something isn't "in sync".