We are in the middle of a new workstation rollout. All Windows 7 64bit
Professional. All using Novell client 2 sp1 for windows 7.

We have one user, who after being logged in for at least a couple of
hours, will lose a single drive mapping. Logging into Novell again,
gives an error c000003a in the login script results window for that
drive mapping entry. Logging out completely and logging back in works fine.

Something else that is weird: We have two drive mappings that are
relevant here:


When it fails:
Vol1: works fine.
vol1:m_share fails
Exploring on the vol1: works fine as well, except when trying to browse
the m_share folder. That fails with a rights error, (I think). This is
a fully public folder with no limitations for anyone.

Any clues?