Do you think 10.3 is the version to go into production with?

I deployed 10.3 into our test environment (IT-department) today, been running/testing ZCM since 10.0.x..

10.2 through 10.2.2 have been stable and worked well at least in small scale, ZDM 4/7 is still better in our environment (WINXP) at the moment due to it's speed, stability and NSS compatibility.

Since WIN7 is knocking on our door we will be forced to move to ZCM, login speed can be blamed at WIN7 :) but not for XP :( NSS compatibility is still an issue but of course we are able to work around the NSS compatibility issue with the content-repo, but that means more work/hazzle when editing/changing bundles.

Don't get me wrong, I really believe ZCM is the right way to go (ZESM/LINUX management in one console in the next release) which is all very nice. But still the performance is bad on older devices, but that problem will go away with time when older workstations are renewed...

We will be evaluation 10.3 for a couple of weeks and then start planning and start deploying ZCM if 10.3 feels good.

What's your opinion?