Hello all: I would like to get IPP up and running so my users
can print to the office printers from thier homes. Our NW6sp3 server

that will host ipp (and currently handles all ndps load) is behind our

BM37 server on the private side (obviously).

So, my question is how to make this work. My first thought is to
a secondary address for use slowly for ipp traffic, and then use
proxies to, in affect, forward the traffic internally to the ipp
This is how we handle our PC Anywhere traffic.

Can this be done?? Can we forward port 80 and 443 traffic to this
server even if our bm37 server handles groupwise web access and
therefore listens for port 80 and 443 connections?? What other ports
I need to open, and can they be stateful??

All suggestions greatly appreciated, Chris.