I am getting my windows 7 imaging running pretty nicely - Scripted image
bundle that determines make and model of computer, asks for computername if
not already named in zenworks. These variables are used to determine proper
driver image to be applied to the machine (make and model) and the "flavor"
of the registration key that will be used during agent installation to put
the machine in the proper contianer.

I think its pretty slick.

The base image is totally vanila - only has security updates installed, no
agent, client etc, then add-on images add installation files for the current
client, agent and drivers along with a file that supplies the registration
key for the proper container in the zone as the agent is installed later. I
also have an add-on image to supply updates of the sysprep.xml and
unattend.xml files that are used as the machine reboots so i can make
chnages to thos files without the need to totally redoo the sysprep image.

After the images are deployed the machine reboots and in the OOBE pass
installs the drivers, client, agent - with proper registration key and
office 2007 (we have a campus license) because the user security managent
pice of w7 and the installation of office 2007 have just flat been kicking
my butt.

Anyway all seems to be coming together except for the fact that it takes
nearly 30 minutes to deploy my base windows 7 image no matter the
compression option used in the upload of the image to the server.
Furthermore the image goes pretty nicely - getting to about 75% done in
about 8 minutes or so then it hits a whole potful of small files of various
types thqat seem to range in size from about 1 to 3 meg. I can sit and
watch the imaging screen copying these things down and changing the tail end
of the "Restoring" line and "File size" line so fast that i can't read it.
However the overall download of these files takes nearly 22 minutes.

Is there anything that can be done to optimize the server to handle a huge
number of small files in a more timely manner?