We use altiris to image our machines and we have the zenworks agent on the image. Everything was working great until I upgraded the server to 10.2.1. After this, all our computers that i have reimaged show the zenworks application window as being blank and I get a -34 Server message invalid device authentication information message.

Heres what I do preimage:
zac fsg -d
zac unr -f -u <username> -p <password>
del "%zenworks_home%\cache\zmd\*" /s /q
ren "%zenworks_home%\conf\initial-web-service.bak" initial-web-service

I then clear image safe data, save it but dont set the just imaged flag.
I then run sysprep and shutdown and take an image with altiris.

This worked perfectly for everything up to 10.2.1. Now though, all my machines get a blank zenworks application window and the device is not registered in the zone.

Am I following the incorrect process?
Is it better practice for me to just not have the zenworks agent on the machine and deploy it postimage instead?

Just couldnt find much information on the correct way.. especially if we are not using zenworks to take the image and do the sysprep side of things