I have ZCM 10 running on windows 2003 virtual server with the ZCM DB in our SQL cluster separate to the server.

Yesterday I successfully downloaded servicepack 3 - or so i thought using the ZCM configuration updates console - downloaod status succeeded. I proceded to deploy the agent to selected workstation/servers to test. When I came in this morning i was greeted with an error in the system updates console "Download status - error" this error indicated there was insufficient space on the download server. There was 2 GB free.

my question is .....

What files can be deleted on the zcm server without affecting it. (ie can superceded files be deleted - these make up 1GB). Does the current update not remove any unnecessary files?. If not I am going to run into trouble with server space in a very short time. The server was built originally with 10.1 and was spec'd higher than the recommended spec but the space continues to be eaten up. I do not store bundles or images on the server - Just the bare server