i have installed a new indexer for the teaming system, i ahve installed this using the Novell Documentation for installing this, which in some areas is some what lacking.

when i strart the indexer on the new server i get the message

481 INFO [main[ [server.ssfIndexServer]- RMII SsfIndexServer ready with internal registry show

and the terminal just sits there and doesn't change, i dont know if this is good or not as the documentation doesn't say what it should do. im assuming it should display nothing like when you start and stop the teaming services.

I also have the issue that when i point the teaming install to use the indexer on this server that the connection was rejected on the port on the index server im using a non default port as the port i was going to use was showing as in use. (not sure why but ill go with it)

no i ahve turned the firewall off as we dont need them internally on the network so i dont see why it would reject the connection. can anyone shed some light on this?

thank you