We have an automated report that is received every month that should be in html view. It worked fine in GW 7.0.3, but since upgrading to GW 8.0.1 it does not work. It only shows the html code. When you try to change the view to html it is grayed out and will not let you change it. The code is below:


<TITLE>Check Personal Internet Usage</TITLE>
<BODY TEXT="#0000F0" LINK="0000F0" VLINK="0000F0" ALINK="0000F0">
<FONT FACE="cooper black">
<a href="http://snmp/explorer_wse/explorer.exe?&&col=5&msr=4&delAdmin=0&&startDate=2 010-03-01&endDate=2010-03-31">Click here to view your Internet usage</a>

Thanks for any suggestions,