My user has a problem printing emails when proxied. He makes a selection of 2-10 unread emails and then he right clicks on the selection to print them.
We tested with small selections, 4 emails, and large selections, 10 emails. In both cases the client crashed.
He also has this problem when printing from his own mailbox, again unread mails.

Error Groupwise 8.0, hung app grpwise.exe module gwldo132.dll

Error Groupwise 8.0.1 hung app grpwise.exe module ntdll.dll

Same story on a different computer where he logs in. If i try this with my collegue, no problems.

Did anyone experience this before and knows a solution we can try? Im installing 8.0.1 HP1 next week to see if it improves anything.
Could this also be an iPrint problem?